About Us

Shandong Kedun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of chloroacetate. With the help of advanced production equipment, strong technical force, scientific management system, complete testing equipment and leading production technology, we have established a strict quality assurance system successfully. At present, we are mainly engaged in the manufacturing and trade of Methyl chloroacetate, Ethyl chloroacetate, Methyl dichloroacetate and Natural Ethyl chloroacetate, with an annual output of over 5,000 tons of chloroacetate products. Owing to leading quality in the industry, our products now are mainly used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes and chemical intermediates, and are well sold in all places of China. Focused on the customers' demands permanently, we take "honesty, mutual benefit and development" as our tenet. All employees will strive for high quality products and perfect service with dedication and persistence, and work hard to create a good corporate image; we sincerely welcome all customers and friends to have business cooperation and give instructions!

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